Amsterdam Lion Hash



The most potent hashish to ever come out of the Netherlands, this Lion blonde hash is the softest and most flavorful putty you will work with and smoke. Boasting the highest THC content of all the imported hash strains (weighing in at 40-60% THCa + D9) this is some absolute mind melting couch locking golden goodness. Authentic hash from the Netherlands are very rare and hard to acquire due to the heavy penalties and jail time imposed on anyone trying to export it out of their country, however some has landed on our doorstep with the help of some black magic voodoo and the entire country is blessed for it. Sweet with a medley of fruits and funky with a spicy kick, the aroma translates into the taste giving off thick clouds of some of the most exotic and flavorful hash you will ever have the privilege of smoking.

A MUST TRY, heavy duty potency and an exotic profile to toot, this is some high heat.


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