Grape LA

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Grape LA
 The word is out on this batch of Grape LA, an Indica dominant cross between Grapefruit and LA Confidential, and this wonder child won’t be able to remain a secret. This is one of those super strains you don’t want to miss out on my friends. These buds are wonderful shades of green, with orange hairs through out and gorgeous trichomes packed into every nook and cranny. This batch of Grape LA brings superb grapefruit, coffee kush aroma and flavours but don’t let that fool you, because you can forget about the coffee waking you up, Grape LA can knock out even the most experienced consumers. Depending on the dosage taken consumers may find themselves having to deal with different levels of sedation. A wonderful cerebral buzz that tingles down into a complete relaxation of the body, almost slowing time down for you to enjoy all the finer things a little bit more. If you enjoy the couch locking effects that certain strains can bring, Grape LA is one of those strains. This is the perfect strain to help relieve stress, pain, depression and help fight insomnia or aid in appetite loss.

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1 review for Grape LA

  1. nreviews (verified owner)

    This is a great AAA pickup. It’s perfectly cured, very pungent with a mostly floral scent with undertones of citrus. It tastes as it smells and is incredibly smooth on the throat, as is everything I’ve tried from here. Potent high as well, mostly a relaxing indica high in my opinion. Great value for excellent flower

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