Sophie’s Breath


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Sophie’s Breath

This a very sweet and citrusy aromatic batch of Sophies breath. Simply put a marvellous flavour profile, bright and vibrant, that everyone will enjoy. These buds are dense and coated in amber coloured trichomes over the dark and bright green goodness, they look as great as they smell and taste even better. Sophies is a hard hitting sativa / indica hybrid strain, great for the daytime. Able to wake you up and increase your mental agility, a few hits of this will be able to push you through your daily routine or even make a planned adventure all the more awesome and enjoyable. Sophie’s breath still has the wonderful healing properties of an indica, relaxation and ease of muscle pain, but still able to gift you with the energies of a sativa to keep you motivated to stay off the couch. This is a great strain for artists of all different mediums, whether you are a sculptor, painter, or you are a writer, Sophies breath can help you release a wonderful burst of creativity and imagination.

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