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This Indica dominant strain is a powerful cross between Malana and Hindu Kush, if you are looking to get violated by your cannabis, Violator can and will lay you out! Violator brings with its powerful healing properties a very sedated and relaxed bodily effect, motor function may be delayed and novice consumers should use with care. Violator is recommended for those who suffer from insomnia, pain, depression or anxiety and will leave you feeling calm and happy with its euphoric effects. This vibrant green and deep purple batch of Violator buds comes covered in amber coloured trichomes, compact buds that explode and open up to reveal even more trichomes within. Violators aroma is also exceptional, dank pine, musty earth, and terpenes that carry over and follow through on consumption. These buds burn beautiful and clean, in a joint you may find the buzz to creep up a bit, in a glass water pipe the effects are felt almost right away. This is an Indica lovers dream strain, if you are into the heavy body buzz to couch lock effects, it would be a violation to miss out on this Violator!

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2 reviews for Violator Kush

  1. ryanfinley38 (verified owner)

    Honestly perfect five star completely spicy hit with every draw of the join nice salt and pepper ash found it a creeper and had the best sleep of my life and woke up feeling still buzzed price point is perfect will definitely purchase again

  2. orioliandy (verified owner)

    Thank you Rick for the upgraded shipping and samples too, the most generous I’ve encountered
    Arrived and stayed at 62% humidity rating. Great smell, great look, no seeds, quite some stemmage, trim is FROSTY. CLEAN smoke. Ash is white in the blunt, hardly peppery. Not a Violator I’m used to, though, but still quite enjoyable. This is the type of kush that gets you more and more fried the more and more you smoke. First joint doesn’t always violate you, so beware! 4/5 on potency, but overall 5/5. Excited to try more

    4/5 in terms of loud but 5/5 bc of the price.

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